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A Gradle plugin to specify quality gates/profiles on a project and verify gates were passed.

This Gradle plugin will use the SonarQube API to verify the state of a given project’s quality gate(s).

This plugin requires that you also apply and configure the SonarQube plugin and have SonarQube server version 5.6+ and <7.0.

If the project does not already exist within SonarQube, it will be created.


// build.gradle
buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath "org.sonarsource.scanner.gradle:sonarqube-gradle-plugin:2.2.1"
    classpath "com.usaa.plugin.gradle:sonarqube-quality-gates:1.0"
apply plugin: 'org.sonarqube'
apply plugin: 'sonarqube-quality-gates'

Gradle Tasks

SonarQube Utility tasks
applyQualityGate - Applies SonarQube quality gate to project
applyQualityProfile - Applies SonarQube quality profile to project
verifySonarqubeQualityGates - Verifies no quality gate errors exist for project

Ex) ./gradlew applyQualityGate applyQualityProfile sonarqube verifySonarqubeQualityGates will execute the entire workflow, including the sonar scan.

Optional Configuration:

Any of the following options are available. You can override one or all as required.

sonarqubeQualityGate {
  sleep '1000' // the amount of time to sleep between api calls while scan is queued. Time is in milliseconds. Default: 1000
  maxWait '1800000' // the amount of time to wait for scan to complete before failing. Time is in milliseconds. Default: 1800000 (30min)
  gate 'Sonar way' // override default gate
  profile 'Sonar way' // override default profile
  username ''
  password ''
  apiKey ''

Default Settings

sleep '1000'
maxWait '1800000'
gate 'SonarQube way'
profile 'Sonar way'


Permissions can be set via the sonarqubeQualityGate closure or via system properties. Note that precedence is important for determining which value is used.


  1. Closure
  2. sonar.quality.username (System Property)


  1. Closure
  2. sonar.quality.password (System Property)

Api Key

  1. Closure
  2. sonar.quality.login (System Property)
  3. sonar.login (System Property)

System properties can be set within the file.


Note: This project is not affiliated in anyway with the SonarQube project.